walaa rewards AN

5 reasons to join Walaa Rewards program :


Generous discountsExclusive advantagesOffered toppings

Premium customer assistance

Special rental experience



How to join Walaa Rewards?

In order to benefit from the loyalty program, you need to firstly make 3 reservations or book for 60 days within a full year, then at the end of that same year, our team will add you in the Walaa rewards members list and send you a welcoming email. Afterwards, you will be able to take profit of the various benefits that the loyalty program offers to its community.


The Traveler card is offered to customers who have made at least 3 reservations in the previous year.


The Explorer Card is offered to customers who have made 6 reservations or accumulated a reservation period of 60 days or more in the previous year.


The Guider card is exclusively offered to customers who have made more than 10 reservations or booked for 90 days or more in the previous year.



How we reward our members?

The bonus system is attributed according to the loyalty program’s ranks that goes from low level with decent benefits to high level with premium advantages; the bonus is progressive and gets more attractive each time you upgrade your status.
Walaa rewards offers permanent discounts valid during the whole year of the membership, the community is privileged with a customized service through the entire experience (before, during and after the rental period).

Qualification3 to 5 bookings6 to 9 bookings or 60 days+10 bookings or +90 days

Online bookings 24/7


Free secured bookings by phone through our customer service center


Free booking modification


Fast Track at Hertz counter




Free second driver *


Free accessory *


Free upgrade **


Desired model Guaranteed *


*Once a year ; ** Once a year and depending on availability at retrieval

How to level-up?

In order to go from one level to the next one, you must meet the requirements, afterward, an upgrade status email will be sent to you on January 1st of each year.
The more you book, the faster you can upgrade and access a range of even better discounts and freebies. Whatever your status is, Walaa Rewards counts you among its privileged members and entitles you to its various high-quality services.

Terms and conditions:

Act 1: The membership is renewed every year in January 1st, and the members will be notified by email where they will find their rank, their discount code and the advantages associated to it.
Act 2: Each loyal member will be added to Walaa Rewards’ database and identified with a unique ID code.
Act 3: The advantages associated to every single rank are flexible and the company may edit new ones at any given time.
Act 4: Members of the loyalty program must notify the company by email mentioning their ID code to order one of the following advantages: free second driver, free accessory, free upgrade, and desired model guaranteed.

Act 5: The company does not guarantee the availability of the advantages at any time; In some cases, the desired advantage(s) may not be available due to high demand, stock shortage, or for maintenance purposes.
Act 6: Even though the accessories in Walaa Rewards are free, losing it or causing any kind of damage to it (material or technical) will be charged on the client, and will be deduced from his deposit.
Act 7: Hertz Morocco does not provide any loyalty program other than Walaa Rewards that remains valid exclusively inside the country Morocco. In fact, Hertz Morocco does not participate to any other loyalty program launched by other countries.
Act 8: Customers who booked through a broker (third-party) or any website other than www.hertz.ma cannot benefit from the loyalty program.
Act 9: The following advantages: free second driver, free accessory, free upgrade, and desired model guaranteed, can be obtained once a year and remain subject to availability at the Check-Out time.
Act 10: Walaa Rewards’ discounts cannot be accumulated with any other type of promotion.